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Introducing Elevator Site! The Quick, Affordable website solution!

Version2 has (and always will be) a custom webshop. But it's become painfully obvious that there are a lot of situations where both custom sites and even do-it-yourself website tools just aren’t a good fit. 
With short attention spans and people using phones to browse the web more than computers, there really is a need for something modern, easy, and cheap that can be ready quickly.
 Presenting Elevator Site Elevator Site is a way to get a killer single-page site that's well built, mobile friendly, SSL protected, with quality hosting and access to a real-live web developer. Design wise it's customizable with two master layouts, a logo (or whatever), images, text, colors and Google fonts. Plus you can embed almost anything: youtube, twitter, facebook, instagram, contact forms, blog feeds, eCommerce shopping carts, ebay store feeds, maps, calendars, and on and on.

 It's an inexpensive solution that can be ready in a few days. You don't need to learn WordPress or Wi…

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