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WordPress is an unacceptable risk

I see so many clients and developers who insist that WordPress is the only way to develop a website. It’s true that you can a website in an hour with WordPress. With WordPress you can easily add plugins and almost instantly have any feature that you could want. But at what cost?

WordPress requires constant attention. Some would argue that that is a good thing; that in order to be effective online, you need to have good search engine performance. The way you perform well on Google is to have lots of good content, and you need to refine and refocus your SEO. That’s true.

However, most businesses are small businesses. Even with the best of intentions of keeping things updated, those initiatives get shelved because the budgets dry up, or the person who was going to champion the effort gets busy.

Now the problem isn’t just that the SEO effort will fail. If you’re using WordPress, you’re opening yourself up to a world of problems.

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