The new version2 website is live and on the air! This is a pretty exciting moment! This is the first REAL website that version2 has had for itself since the end of Eclectic Studios. There have been a few sites for projects like SiteTogether, but version2's online presence has been neglected...for years.

No expression seems to sum up the reality of a design business like "the cobbler's son has no shoes." When you do something as a business, it had better be amazing when you do it for yourself. So no pressure there. And there's the additional fun of having to backburner your internal project to work on client projects pretty much constantly.

So how'd we do? The new site is designed to be short and sweet, taking the good stuff from contemporary design without going overboard and sacrificing usability. For instance, it's not  single-page design, but the number of pages is minimal. We used soft scrolling transitions, and grouped content according to what we figure people shopping for a web designer care about. We also ended up using a ton of Animated GIFs just because they worked quite well.

So how did we do?


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