SiteTogether has a new front end UI

Our custom CMS for YMCAs, SiteTogether made an early push for mobile compatibility back in early 2011 when compatibility with Blackberrys was a major concern. It was designed to be much more streamlined than the desktop version. While it has been updated, it didn't make much sense to keep it any more.

The UI has largely the same appearance. There are a few improvements that eagle-eyed users might notice, but it's 99% the same look and feel. The difference is that now everything rearranges for easy viewing on smaller screens like phones.

The most significant change is to the layout of the class schedule. This was just an HTML table as that's effectively what it si, but this has been redesigned using a CSS grid that rearranges, reprioritizes, and accordions content. If you'd like to know what that means or see a demo, contact us. We'd love to show it off!

We're excited about how this will make our tool to help YMCAs manage their websites even better.


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